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Despite labor shortages, professional immigration remains complicated

The main difficulty following this period of health crisis, mixed with the diplomatic consequences of opening or closing borders, is the delay in obtaining travel, work and residence permits.

When the expatriation of a candidate is planned, the company as the future employee must evolve in the often opaque meanders of the regulations and cultural practices of the host country.

Two years ago, the government simplified the procedures, but this is not enough since the procedures are still just as long and tedious.

Whether at the initiative of the candidate or the recruiter, refusals are frequent for various and varied reasons (file with errors, documents missing or not in conformity with the request, etc.)

CAPVUS, expert in administrative procedures for professional immigration, offers to support candidates and recruiters in order to submit complete and compliant files. Thus, this makes it easier to obtain the necessary documents for the candidate to arrive quickly in France in order to meet the needs of companies that lack a candidate.


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