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International recruitment is the solution to deal with the labor shortage in France

Labor shortages are currently affecting multiple sectors in France.

While one in three business leaders cannot recruit in industry, and up to one in two in services, the number of unfilled job vacancies has exceeded the one million mark.

Recruiters call on several organizations such as Pôle emploi, but it is not uncommon to hear that you are several dozen companies in certain sectors looking for a candidate and that they have zero applications.

For example, for this summer, nearly 270,000 job vacancies were still unfilled in the hotel and catering sector.

Some French companies are not operating at full capacity because they do not have the necessary manpower.

Faced with the scarcity of labor encountered by many employers, international recruitment is the solution.

Indeed, many candidates want to come and work in France, while their country is experiencing a high unemployment rate.

Unfortunately, the administrative procedures for recruiters and candidates are long and tedious to come and work in France.


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